Tessa - Founder/photographer Vintess Vintage

Vintess Vintage started as a passion project, here is a little insight of how i started: I grew up in surrounded by all kinds of yarns, fabrics and knitting machines. My parents had their clothing design shop. I literally played hide and seek with my brothers in piles of fabric "waste". My mother even made clothes for my Barbiedolls, life as good.

Becoming an designer or store owner myself did not interest me at first. I wanted to be a photographer, so I went to a photography school in den Bosch.

When I finished my education, I felt lost. I didn’t want to create images for other people, it made me feel insecure and was never able te be proud of my work. So I began to work in a men's wear shop for a bit and then started working for a big e-commerce company in NL. A result of working there is that I stopped photographing all together, I simply didn't have the time and energy anymore. During the pandemic everything slowed down, you can say I totally got bored. impulsive as I am, I stumbled across a big bulk of Vintage for sale. Everything all of a sudden clicked and I knew this was the time to start my own little online business and just went for it!

I am truly "as proud as a peacock", as we dutchies say. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything, I freakin’ love Vintage and would like to give advise when needed!

The wonderfull blouse is made by @house_of_useless, check her Instagram page!

My sweet mother - repair(super)woman

She taught me everything i know about clothing repair. That obviously is not a lot, but that isn't her fault. I just wouldn't listen as a child.

She now helps me every time one of the items needs some lovin'. Good with repairing clothes, aaand repairing my soul.

Extra attention:

Please remember that Vintage clothing often has had a full life, and sometimes there are flaws on the items that I've missed. That is also part of the fun with Vintage, sometimes you find something so so perfect. And sometimes the flaws add a little character. I always try to seek the flaws out and of course always will be honest about the flaws that i did noticed. despite the flaws, all these items deserve a new loving home.

Have fun shopping!